What does your beanie say about you?

For many skiers and snowboarders, choosing a beanie can be a very personal decision. Some riders purchase one beanie  a lifetime, forming an attachment similar to a child with its safety blanket. Others prefer to buy one a season depending on the current trend. Or you may prefer to own an array in as many colours and designs as possible, allowing for choices according to the weather or even just your mood. As a highly visible item of outerwear a beanie is like a beacon that signals your sense of style. That’s why at Oyuki we’ve come up with beanie that will suit everybody. Here are a few examples of how our headwear can be the perfect match for your personality…



Fans of this wharfie-style beanie are those who like to be practical but with an edge. You’re aware of the benefits of having a warm head even when you’re on the go in the city, but you don’t want to compromise on style. Speaking of the city, you’re an adaptable type who can go from the bright lights to the big mountains with ease and you like this beanie because it makes it easy to pack light. No need to double up on headwear when the Minato Beanie has you covered no matter where you go.



Logo Des Beanie wearers are loaded with personality and they’re not afraid of putting it out there. Not only are they happy wearing something noticeable on their noggins, they also wear their hearts and personalities on their sleeves. They have more confidence than Japan has pristine powder and like to shout their opinions from the chairlifts. You always know where you stand with someone who rocks a Logo Des, and that’s why we love them.



If you prefer tall trees over highrise buildings, would rather ride a bike than drive a car and choose hiking a mountain over catching a lift every time then the Kamoshika beanie is for you. It is named after a type of Japanese goat-antelope that is found in the mountainous regions of Honshu and thrives in cold and snowy conditions. This beanie also comes in three styles, each of which represents a traditional Japanese pattern, perfect for fans of a simple and refined life and style.



These beanies reflect the personalities of their wearers perfectly. Their bright colours make them bold, their slouchy, crochet style fit keeps them relaxed and their fleece lining makes them warm and extra cuddly. It’s also impossible to be sad when you’re wearing a fun, furry pom pom on your head! Don’t be fooled though, just because these look pretty doesn’t mean the Shiro Beanie doesn’t shred super hard.