At OYUKI®  we’re always searching for ways we can make backcountry adventures simpler and more enjoyable. This is why we created the Haika, a 3-in-1 glove system that offers skiers and snowboarders venturing away from the lifts versatility, protection and comfort.

The Haika performs perfectly in the Niseko Backcountry


The system’s inner glove evolved from OYUKI® ’s original liners, which are primarily used for layering, adding warmth on those super cold days. Our team of riders and ambassadors started using them for ski touring and splitboarding after discovering they also functioned well during arduous ascents. Inspired by this feedback, OYUKI® ’s product developers took steps to modify the liners into a backcountry specific product. This was achieved by reinforcing key areas with goatskin leather and incorporating extra sticky silicon grip into the fingers. This turned the basic liner into a durable accessory that could withstand steep climbs and act as a barrier against the elements. Because of its unique and innovative features the new glove was given its own identity and is now available as a key part of the Haika system or separately as the Haika Liner.

The Haika Liner is the perfect layer for backcountry adventures in Niseko


Due to the technical nature of the inner glove, the outer shell that accompanies it has been kept relatively uncomplicated in terms of both aesthetics and features. A goatskin leather construction makes the gloves naturally supple, durable and water resistant. External seams supply comfort while the soft tricot lining means they can be worn in conjunction with the liner or on their own. 

Snowboarding in the Niseko Backcountry with the Haika Liner

The shell also utilises many of OYUKI® ’s key components like YKK zip entry and powder wrist loops. A carabiner has been included in the package so the kit can easily be kept together.

The Oyuki Haika Shell Performs Perfectly in the Niseko Backcountry


As a 3-in-1 system, the outer shell and liner give maximum heat regulation and adaptability for any self-propelled winter journey. The moment you start to sweat, remove and stash the outer shell and let the liner provide you with breathability and comfort. Then, when it’s time for your epic descent, simply grab the shell, layer up and let rip. As a third option you can wear the shell on its own, the perfect solution for spring or mild weather days spent in or beyond the resort.

Smash Pow  in the Niseko Backcountry With the Haika Glove


In life, there are very few feelings that compare to carving your own signature of s-bends into a field of untouched snow. Thanks to developments like OYUKI® ’s Haika 3-in-1 glove system it’s now easier than ever to stay in the mountains longer and smash pow in comfort.

The Oyuki Haika Helps Regulate Temperatures When You Sweat