When it comes to expanding beyond the shores of Hokkaido, our snow-covered island home, we have a very specific plan in place. Our aim is to grow slowly, so we can manage the quality of our products and tell our brand’s story an a way that is both insightful and respectful. As we go, we’re hoping to develop partnerships with like-minded people, those who are just as passionate about smashing pow as we are. When we first met Marty Carrigan from the Colorado based sales and marketing company Global Sales Guys, it was clear we’d found someone who was on our wavelength and, therefore, the perfect person to introduce OYUKI® to passionate skiers and snowboarders in the USA…

Marty Carrigan Skiing in Niseko 

OYUKI: You have visited Japan many times over the years. Tell us something you love about the country?

MARTY: Japan is one of my favorited countries to visit since the early 90s. I have visited Japan minimum two times a year so perhaps 30+ visits and counting. I love the culture, the people, the food and history. 

O: More specifically you have visited our hometown of Niseko, Hokkaido. You are lucky to have skied all over the world. How does Niseko compare?

M: I had the privilege of visiting Niseko this past year and cannot begin to describe this incredible experience. The only way to describe my experience was the most amazing ski experience of a lifetime. Magical! 

O: The Global Sales Guys have a fantastic knack for bringing overseas brands to the US market. What was it about OYUKI® that made you think it would be a success in the States? 

M: We always look at product first and the details of OYUKI®’s products are simplistic and functional, tested in the best testing grounds on the planet to ensure consumers will be warm and dry in all conditions. 

Marty and OYUKI founder Matt Hampton in Niseko

O: What is something you love personally about the brand? 

M: Smash pow! I love how the brand embraces and communicates the culture of Japan and the culture of skiing and snowboarding in Niseko! #SmashPow 

O: What is the the general vibe you get when introducing OYUKI® to retailers?

M: No retailer needs another glove or face gear brand but the reaction from the US retailers has been amazing. They immediately understand the question… ‘Why OYUKI®?’ Because OYUKI® winter essentials are designed and tested in Niseko, Japan!

O: Does any particular product stand out to you? And why?

M: The Shaka Mitt. Because it is so damn cool!

Oyuki Founder Matt Hampton with Tammy Carrigan in Niseko

O: Japan is becoming a ‘bucket list’ destination for many North American skiers and snowboarders. Do you think the popularity of skiing in Japan will continue to grow?

M: I think it is just getting started but everywhere we travel in the world we are asked about our experience skiing and snowboarding in Japan.

O: In terms of popularity in the States, where do you see OYUKI® heading in the next five years?

M: We have a very disciplined sales process and pipeline and are building the brand step by step with the specialty retailers. Year one we have launched with a lead to market successful test launch with Evo. For 2019 we will have only ten specialty retailers.We are not focused or driven by quantity, we are driven by specialty!