Oyuki's 2017/18 season edit has dropped. Check out the best powder shots from last winter, then keep reading for the story and photos from behind the scenes...

The saying ‘there are no friends on a powder day’ is steeped in skiing and snowboarding tradition. Probably the phrase was coined by diehards who don’t like struggling buddies slowing them down in the morning. Or they wanted to take advantage of the singles lines. Or, most likely, they didn’t want anyone, even friends, poaching their fresh lines.  

Oyuki rider smashes deep powder snow in Niseko Japan

At OYUKI® HQ we’ve identified several issues with this idea. Firstly, we come from Niseko where last season it snowed eighty days during the peak winter period. If we didn’t ski with our friends we would pretty much never see them. Secondly, for the sake of safety, we prefer the buddy system. Mostly because it’s damn hard to dig yourself out of an avalanche. And, finally, we’ve tried high fiving ourselves after a solo run. It just doesn’t feel right…

Ride deep pow in Japan with Oyuki cold weather essentials

The 2017/18 season in Niseko was epic, so instead of ignoring our pals on powder days we decided to invite them along. Local riders Yohei and Gen Sasaki, Miwa Mutou, Toshiya Kasuga and Aussie Adam ‘Kermi’ Kroenert joined freeskiing legend Pep Fujas to enjoy the most consistent snowfall the area has seen in twenty years. This group of chargers were having so much fun we captured their adventures on camera, creating an edit that showcases OYUKI®’s love for riding the deepest, driest snow in the world.

Deep powder snow in Niseko Japan

When it comes to crafting products that perform under the pressures of extreme weather OYUKI® is passionate, progressive and respectful. Mostly, however, we’re grateful for the opportunity to live, work and play in such a unique environment. Our team of riders feel the same way. Chosen to represent the soul of our brand, we keep them on the mountain longer by creating apparel that’s durable, comfortable and provides warmth without bulk. For 2018 / 19 we’ve invited everyone back to share the laughter, high fives and shakas that will come with another winter shredding in and around Niseko. Tune into @oyuki_japan on Instagram to see live stories and new edits released each week of the season, celebrating the magic that happens when friends come together and smash pow in big snow.

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