At OYUKI we believe that it’s hard to improve on nature. That’s why, when we were deciding on materials for our base layers, we looked to the animal world for inspiration. The Australian merino sheep was an obvious choice because this adaptable animal thrives in a wide range of temperatures. From sub-zero to blistering hot, the merino’s natural woolly insulation keeps it comfortable in the outdoors, which is exactly where we like to be, too. Keep reading for more reasons why merino wool is the perfect fabric for making the ultimate deep powder apparel…


When it comes to performance outdoors, materials like cotton, polyester, and polypropylene often fall short in comparison to merino wool. In cool conditions, cotton will stay wet when you sweat, which means you’re likely to feel the freeze as soon as your heart rate slows down. Polyester and polypropylene are both man made fabrics that suffer from serious odour retention problems, often even after washing. On the other hand merino will keep you comfortable and dry while helping to manage unsociable smells.


Wool has a reputation for being itchy and scratchy, which is definitely the case for lower grade, regular wool products. Merino wool is vastly superior due to its finer, springier fibres that won’t irritate your skin. This is why it’s a favourite for baby products or for those with a penchant for luxury.


Merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its dry weight in moisture vapour and still feel dry to the touch. This means that water is drawn away from your skin, leaving you feeling warm (but not overheated) even when wet. It is also quick drying so, if you do have to wash your merino wool base layer, you’ll be wearing it again the next day.

Skiing with Merino Wool


Thanks to the natural presence of lanolin and its antibacterial properties, merino wool is your friend when it comes to stopping the stink. It is also able to absorb the odours from sweat and easily release them when washing.


Merino wool fabric is breathable, which means its fine fibres are easily able to transfer moisture vapour away from the skin. Because of this you won’t get that clammy, overheated feeling while hiking or after finishing an intense run down the mountain.


Thanks to inbuilt elasticity provided by its coil-shaped fibres, merino is able to contour to your body and move with you, so you won’t feel restricted. It also keeps its shape when washing and provides the same fit every time you wear it.

Merino Wool keeps you on the hill for longer


Designed and tested in Niseko, Japan OYUKI’S base layers are made from 100% premium quality Australian merino wool and have been awarded the Woolmark seal of approval. So, simply by utilising what nature has already perfected, we've created thermals that are guaranteed to keep you warmer, more comfortable and on the mountain longer.

Images by Glen Claydon Photography.