OYUKI - Designed and Tested in Niseko Japan



OYUKI® was born in Niseko, a ski area located on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. In winter, Hokkaido is completely covered in snow. Towns are buried by it, life slows and bends with the weight of it. Locals are forever digging, barely able to keep their cars and properties clear as the snow literally piles up around them. In Japanese ‘OYUKI’ means ‘big snow’, which is our way of reflecting on the unique environment OYUKI® calls home.


Our logo includes a string of kanji, which is ancient Chinese script and part of the Japanese writing system. The combination of kanji in our logo means ‘smash pow.’ When we get ‘OYUKI’ in Niseko there is only one thing we want to do. Smash pow!


When designing and testing our products in Niseko’s harsh winter environment we have one purpose in mind. To keep fellow riders on the mountain longer and smashing pow in absolute comfort. An obsession with Japan’s unique culture drives us to create products that are honest, functional and strikingly minimalist in their aesthetic. We aim to provide warmth without bulk by combining simplicity with functionality. We do this by starting with the best materials, including goatskin leather, PrimaLoft® Eco Grip and Primaloft® Gold Insulation, and GORE-TEX membranes.

Product Spotlight



Tested amid Niseko’s extreme snowy conditions the OYUKI glove range is designed to keep your fingers warm even when it’s well below freezing. Our men’s, women’s and kids gloves are made to be warm, tough, breathable and waterproof using quality fabrics.


Those who really feel the cold may wish to step it up with something from our mitts range. Housing your fingers together lets them share the warmth provided by Primaloft® Gold and Primaloft® Gold Eco Grip Insulation.  Supple goatskin leather means our mitts are super pliable so you can still grab your poles, boot buckles or bindings without feeling restricted.

Meet Snowy

Chatting with OYUKI Ambassador Snowy McMahon.



1. Obviously Niseko is one of your favourite places to ride, can you tell us a bit about why?

A combination of the snow, the terrain and the people. It goes without saying that we get some of the best, most consistent pow up north and while you often hear that it’s ‘too flat’ I think that comes mostly from people who haven’t got out and explored the area.

2. What is it that you enjoy the most about riding in the backcountry?

Freshies for days. The feeling of strapping in after walking for hours to get to your line. Screaming and laughing through every turn. The beauty and serenity of nature. Reading the signs your environment is giving you and making team decisions that get you and your party home safe for a beer at the end of the day.

3. What do you like to do when you’re not snowboarding?

Think about snowboarding. Chill out. Hang with friends. Read. Educate the next generation.

4. What OYUKI products can’t you live without?

The Proclava
It’s super warm, comfortable and breathable. You don’t get too hot and sweaty hiking in it.

Base Layers

Same reason. Don’t tell anyone but I pretty much slept and rode in them every day this season.

The Sencho Mitt

Mine copped a thrashing this season and are still going strong. Durable, warm and they stay dry all day.