Design by Toshikazu Nozaka

The Artist:

Toshikazu Nozaka was a professional skateboarder in the early 90’s.

He is now energetically active in various fields such as painter, skateboard production, with the theme of researching, inheriting, and reconstructing Japanese culture.

Toshikazu Nozaka's Designs

OYUKI commissioned Toshikazu to develop an artwork that we are using across our Outerwear and Insulator ranges.

The Artwork:


Yinglong Waterfall (ouryu-bakuhuzu) Yinglong, which controls water, is the source of all water and flows through the earth, causing rain and heavy snow. I made this OYUKI design with the feeling that I would like you to enjoy and appreciate it in the cycle of Megumi, and sometimes to wear the power of Yinglong and feel the ultimate moment.