OYUKI products carry a one year warranty, protecting the original owner against defective materials and craftsmanship. The warranty period starts on the date of the retail purchase of the product by the original purchaser.

Defective materials and craftsmanship
Defective materials and craftsmanship typically become apparent when the product is new or in the early phase of its life span.

Examples of defective in materials and craftsmanship
• Faulty stitching (resulting in a tear along the seam)
• Faulty stitching (inhibiting your ability to wear the glove)
• Unravelling of wrist loops
• Zipper failure
• Velcro failure

Examples of wear and tear NOT covered under warranty
• U/V damage
• Rips/damage caused by rope tow
• Rips/damage caused while being used outside of normal scope of use
• Rips in the centre of the fabric (i.e., caused by a sharp object or accident)
• Damage as a result of applied heat
• Breakdown of materials over extended periods of use

All warranty returns are handled through your retailer/place of purchase. Please contact the retailer from which you purchased your Oyuki product to begin the warranty process.