Beau-James Wells is a unique force. He’s turned himself into a household name by working hard, being smart and making the most of everything that life puts in front of him. He loves the mountains too, especially those surrounding his home town of Wanaka in New Zealand. As a skier and a human Beau-James is incomparable, which is no mean feat when you consider he comes from a band of the most famous ski brothers in New Zealand. Possibly even the world. But despite his well-known bloodline, Beau-James has carved his own image into the global edifice of freestyle skiing. From bearing the Olympic flag to setting his sights on a future in the health and fitness industry, here’s how Beau-James has gone from little brother to giant achiever.

Olympic skier from New Zealand Beau James Wells holds the flag for his country

The Olympic Experience.

O: How did it feel to be the New Zealand flag bearer at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games?

B-J: When I got told I was going to be the flag bearer it was the most amazing feeling ever. To be able to wave the New Zealand flag with the whole team behind me was very humbling and I felt very honored to be chosen to do that. 

O: Tell us how competing at the Olympic games is different from other competitions?

B-J: It’s a whole lot bigger and there is a lot more going on. You’re in a team environment for starters. You are called to do media stuff the whole time you’re there and there’s lots of security check points. But when you get on snow and start riding it’s just the same as any other day. I just try focus on my skiing and ignore the hype around me.

Beau-James flies high in the Olympics

O: We were all watching you on that final run, what was going through your mind as you dropped in?

B-J: That was a pretty crazy moment! I had landed my first run but wanted to get more points. I kooked it on my second run so I was fired up for the third. To be honest I wasn’t thinking about much, my mind was pretty blank and I was in the zone. I know if I over think the run or anything like that then it’s not going to be as sick as it could be. You just got to drop in and do the thing you’re there to do.

Skiing at Home:

O: What have you been spending your time on mountain doing? Training, competitions or skiing for fun?

B-J: This season at Cardrona has been one of my best so far. With the Olympics over I can now expand my focus to other aspects of skiing as well, not just the specific tricks I wanted to do in my pipe run. I do consider training and skiing for fun pretty much the same thing so I’ve been doing both of those. Riding the jumps and rails, and also getting into the back country has been so epic. No competitions for me until the northern hemisphere season apart from my brother Jossi’s Invitational.

Olympic skier from New Zealand Beau James Wells

O: What do you love about skiing at home compared to other places?

B-J: Being able to live at home is the best part. I go away for half the year so the time I spend at home is definitely special. Plus New Zealand is just insane. I’ve been to a lot of places and coming back here always reminds me that this is the sickest place in the world.

O: We noticed you’ve been doing some ski touring, what do you like the most about ski touring?

B-J: Dude it’s the coolest thing ever! I tore my ACL a couple of years ago and as part of my rehab I hiked up a lot of mountains around the South Island of New Zealand and found a new passion. So now I get to mix hiking with skiing and explore all kinds of new terrain. Stoked as. Now I just have to find the powder!!

Beau-James Touring in New Zealand

The Future

O: You’re already a certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Consultant, and recently you enrolled in university to complete a Bachelor in Sport & Exercise. How have people in this trade inspired and impacted on your own career?

B-J: I have been working with a personal trainer since I got put on the NZ team when I was 14. I used to hate going to the gym but as I got older I fell in love with exercise and I think having a sick trainer definitely had an effect on that. Learning all about how the body works and the correct way to move and train has been huge for my skiing career. Studying it, then applying it has been epic. I can’t wait to train clients and get them frothed on it too!

Beau-James Touring in New Zealand


Will you consider yourself a full-time skier/part-time uni student or will it be the other way around?

I am definitely a full-time skier, that is where my main focus is. I just know that my competitive career will come to an end and I want to be as prepared as possible when that day comes.

Where will you be studying?

I am studying through Massey University in Auckland NZ and through them I am able to study away from campus. So at the moment I am doing it from home which is super rad. I was home schooled my whole life so I’m pretty used to being disciplined enough to get the work done from home.


Thanks for your time Beau-James! Hope to see you sending it in the backcountry sometime soon.